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Great Success for Sibona from the Competition ISW 2014!

The latest edition of the International Competition ISW 2014 held in Germany has awarded again Sibona Distillery: in particular, the GRAPPA RESERVE MADEIRA WOOD FINISH was voted "BEST DISTILLATE 2014" winning the gold medal. Same award for AMARO SIBONA.
The results obtained make us very proud of our products and the satisfaction achieved pays for all the passion that Sibona Distillery employs in distilling high-quality products.

Great Success for Sibona from the Competition ISW 2013!

Great success for SIBONA Distillery in Italian and international competitions: GOLD MEDAL for Amaro Sibona and Grappa Reserve Madeira wood finish and SILVER MEDAL for Grappa of Moscato at ISW 2013 (Germany), SILVER MEDAL OUTSTANDING at IWSC 2013 (England) won by Grappa Sibona XO and Grappa Reserve Port wood finish, SILVER MEDAL again for Grappa Reserve Port wood finish and Grappa of Barbera at CONCOURS MONDIAL BRUXELLES – SPIRIT SELECTION 2013 (Taiwan).
The high quality of SIBONA production repays the effort that the company makes every day to improve and the awards promoting our products in international markets.”

The Distillery Sibona is again a medal winner in the prestigious 2011 International Wine and Spirit Competition (IWSC) held to Surrey, GB Bronze medal 2011 for grappa di Moscato and Silver medal 2011 for Grappa Reserve Port Wood Finish. These awards are of great support to promote our products into the international market.

Also this year the Distillery Sibona participated at the 6th edition of the ACQUAVITI D'ORO (Termeno 21 and 22 May) to obtain valuable awards: MEDAL "BEST GOLD" Grappa Reserve Porto wood finish and SILVER MEDAL for Grappa of Chardonnay. The finish line reached once again confirms the high quality of production and repays the effort that the company makes every day to improve.

Great success of the Distillery Sibona International Spirits Award - The International Competition of Alcohol ISW2011 held in Neustadt (Germany) in recent Maj, juries have tasted strictly anonymous, more than 700 products from many countries. The distillery Sibona, awarded on this occasion the Gold Medal for Grappa Reserve Sherry wood finish and Silver Medal for Bitter Sibona.

To the International Spirits Award ISW 2010 held to Neustadt (Germany) on May 20-21

last, the juries have rigorously tasted in form anonymous 600 products coming from a lot of Countries. Among the producers in competition it was present also the Distilleria Sibona, honored of the gold Medal for the Grappa Reserve Porto wood finish and the Amaro Sibona. The silver Medal has gone instead to the grape distillate "UVEDILANGA" and to the Grappa of Nebbiolo.

Further recognitions had also arrived from the 5th Acquaviti d'Oro International Awards (Termeno 17 and 18 April 2010): The Grappa Reserve Porto wood finish won the gold Medal, while the grape distillate "UVEDILANGA" has been awarded the silver Medal.
These results confirm the products SIBONA among the best not only in Italy but also internationally, increasing the business philosophy based on love for distillate and the utmost attention to their quality.
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