Grappa “ Tuttogrado “ di Barolo

Grappa obtained from dregs of pressed grapes ( grape remain) of Nebbiolo located in Barolo Zone ( precisely in Barolo, Serralunga, Monforte, La Morra communes), well known as „king of wine“. Dregs of pressed grapes, in the same day arriving in distillery, are distilled in such a way as to pick the greatest quality of aromas and scents. After grappa firstly age in medium size casks and then, for a longer period, age in Barriques ( small capacity oak cask ) made by limousin oak. After the aging every single barriques Grappa is put in the bottles.


COLOUR : Amber-coloured with gilded reflexes.

SCENT : Wide, with a pleasant oak final.

TASTE : Stately, full, velvety , with great harmony. Long, winding and never ending final.