Barbaresco grappa ” Tuttogrado ” ( campione di barile )

Grappa obtained from Nebbiolo dregs of pressed grapes coming from prestigious Barbaresco zone and precisely from Barbaresco, Treiso and Neive communes.

Dregs of pressed grapes in the same day arriving in distillery are distilled in such a way as to pick the greatest quality of aromas and scents. After grappa firstly age in medium size cask and then, for a longer period, age in Barriques ( small capacity oak cask ) made by Slavonia, Troncais and Allier oak. After the aging every single barriques Grappa is put in the bottles.

Tasting notes

COLOUR : Straw-coloured..

SCENT : Wide, delicate, intense and penetrating .

TASTE : Velvety, austere and persisten. Great body, armony and elegance.