50 cl

Barolo Chinato is an aromatised wine characteristic to Piedmont, traditionally drunk after dinner. It is made with Barolo wine (which forms the base) with the addition of various herbs, mainly Cinchona, from which the Italian term Chinato originates. Sibona’s Barolo Chinato features unique and delicious flavours thanks to the traditional secret recipe.

Region: Piedmont
Recipe: Barolo wine with the addition of Cinchona and other herbs and spices.
Ageing: in stainless steel tanks
Alcohol content: 18 % vol.
Bottle: special and elegant graduated Sibona bottle with notches down the side, to indicate the content, and a pouring spout.
Capacity: 50 cl


Colour: Bright garnet red
Bouquet: Intense and refined, with evident notes of Cinchona Calisaya, cardamom and cloves. Scents of cherry and orange zest.
Palate: Full, velvety and harmonious.
Serving Temperature: About 8°C
Tasting suggestions: Perfect for meditating and at the end of a meal, but also as an aperitif. Fantastic with bitter chocolate, dried fruit and hazelnuts. Also delicious served warm with a piece of orange zest.