50 cl

This “Limited Edition, Single Barrel” has been created to celebrate the prestigious milestone reached by Grappa Botti da Porto at the end of 2016, i.e. the conquest of the title of Best Grappa in the World at the IWSC international competition in London. Every bottle of this Single Barrel Grappa Riserva comes from the bottling of a single, selected barrel used to make Port. With all their expertise, our master distillers select some of the oldest barrels, capable of conveying a particular aroma and intensity to this “Limited Edition” grappa, characterised by the unmistakable and inimitable taste of our Riserva Botti da Porto, elevated to the highest levels.

Raw material: Nebbiolo marc from grapes picked fresh during the harvest and selected by Sibona.
Distilling: Exclusively in-house, in copper stills, employing all the expertise of our oenologists and master distillers.
Ageing: long ageing in stainless steel tanks
Further Ageing: initially for two years in medium capacity oak barrels and then in Port barrels for an additional six years (for a total of about eight years in wood).
Alcohol content: 44 % vol.
Bottle: Special and precious Decanter bottle with Sibona logo embossed on the glass.
Case: Very elegant case with a magnetic closure, indicating the number of the bottle and the barrel it comes from
Capacity: 70 cl


Colour: Deep amber
Bouquet: Intense and enveloping, with notes of vanilla, tobacco, ripe fruit and oak.
Palate: Smooth, full, elegant and velvety, with intense oaky scents. Aftertaste of blackberries, blackcurrants and orange zest. Very long and persistent finish with marked notes of Port.
Pairings: Dried fruit, walnuts, almonds, sweets and chocolate (especially dark chocolate with a high percentage of cocoa). Also delicious with mature cheeses. The perfect companion for a cigar.
Tasting suggestions: enjoy at a temperature of around 18°C, in a classic tulip glass or balloon glass with or without a stem (like those used to serve cognac).