50 cl

Barrel sample

Appellation: “Grappa Piemontese”
Raw material: Barbera marc from grapes picked fresh during the harvest and selected by Sibona.
Distilling: Exclusively in-house, in copper stills, employing all the expertise of our oenologists and master distillers.
Ageing: long ageing in stainless steel tanks
Further ageing: 18 months in medium-capacity Slavonian oak barrels followed by four years in small Allier oak casks.
Alcohol content: 56 % vol.
Bottle: special and elegant graduated Sibona bottle with notches down the side, to indicate the content, and a pouring spout.
Capacity: 50 cl


Colour: Brilliant amber.
Bouquet: Open, delicate, intense and penetrating.
Palate: Velvety, austere and persistent. Outstanding structure, harmony and elegance. Ideal for meditation.
Pairings: Dried fruit, walnuts, almonds, sweets and chocolate. Also delicious with mature cheeses.
Tasting suggestions: enjoy at a temperature of around 18°C, in a classic tulip glass or balloon glass with or without a stem (like those used to serve cognac)