50 cl

A delicate and delicious liqueur which originates from the slow infusion of Aloe and honey in fine Sibona grappa, according to a special recipe. Aloe (a plant known for a variety of medicinal, therapeutic and regenerating properties) blended with honey conveys a sweet, floral aroma to this unique and original liqueur.

Region: Piedmont
Recipe: Slow infusion of Aloe and honey in fine Sibona grappa.
Ageing: long ageing in stainless steel tanks
Alcohol content: 24 % vol.
Bottle: special and elegant graduated Sibona bottle with notches down the side, to indicate the content, and a pouring spout.
Capacity: 50 cl


Colour: Pale straw with greenish nuances
Bouquet: Rich and open with floral scents. Evident notes of Aloe and honey.
Palate: Sweet, aromatic and exceptionally smooth and delicate.
Tasting suggestions: Fabulous with sparkling wines such as prosecco as a cocktail. Excellent alone or with ice and also with ice creams and desserts. An outstanding cocktail ingredient.