MAeCO' Gin invecchiato in botti da Porto - Distilleria Sibona

50 cl

MA and CO’ means MAre (Sea) and COllina (Hill). It is Sibona’s Italian Premium Aged Gin, also enriched with botanicals from Piedmont (Hill) and Liguria (Sea), including for Piedmont: juniper berries, lavender from Sale San Giovanni, sage, rosemary, damascena rose, Nebbiolo vine leaves, and for Liguria: lemon, thyme, Pernambucco orange, basilico genovese d.o.p. (genovese basil).

This gin thus celebrates the meeting of the hills and the sea. A er a period of time in steel tanks, it ages in Port Casks from which it acquires its elegant and so notes and characteristic aftertaste.

Distilled with Eva natural water which gush out from the highest spring in Europe at 2,042 meters (6.700).

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MAeCO' Gin invecchiato in botti da Porto - Distilleria Sibona

Region: Piedmont and Liguria
Recipe and Distillation: From the slow maceration of Piedmontese juniper berries and other botanicals from Piedmont and Liguria, each distilled separately in order to extract its aromas as effectively and cleanly as possible. The individual distillates are then expertly blended by our master distillers according to a unique and secret recipe that makes this gin fresh, floral and citrusy. The resulting gin ages for several months in Port casks and then is diluted with Eva still water (which flows from Europe’s highest spring at an altitude of 2,042 metres) to an alcohol content of 44 percent and then chilled and gently filtered before bottling.
Ageing: In stainless steel tanks and then for several months in Port Cask (previously used for age Port Wine of prestigious wineries).
Bottle: special and elegant graduated Sibona bottle with notches down the side, to indicate the content, and a pouring spout.
Capacity: 50 cl.


Colour: Amber
Bouquet: Elaborate, with floral and citrus notes that combine with great balance to notes of vanilla, cocoa and oak.
Palate: Unique, engaging and complex. A perfect union between the sensations of sea and hill botanicals and the unmistakable complexities given by oak and Port wine. Long, elegant, ripe and persistent finish combined with a so ness that caresses the palate.
Tasting tips: Neat or on the rocks, perfect and ideal for high-quality and unconventional Gin Tonic (excellent in this case also as an aperitif) and negroni. Uniquely delicious in cocktails in general.

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